Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Let Them Eat Coffee Cake- My Grandma's Mini Friends

by Maggie Kelleher

Meet my friend Alison. 

Alison is two years old and we hung out the other night (sometimes called babysitting), so I thought it might be fun to introduce her to My Grandma's. She agreed. 

Alison is also quite the little fashionista, so she was just as excited as I was to take a few pictures for Got Cake. She might not understand what a blog is, but she definitely enjoyed having her picture taken! Here she is super excited to get started. 

First we tried a My Grandma's mini cake, which can be found in our retail storefront in Hyde Park, MA. or in our online store, particularly around the winter holidays. I figured it was just her size and she agreed! 

This is the Lemon Poppy mini coffee cake, it comes in the Minis 9-piece No Nut Variety Pack along with Pumpkin Spice and New England Blueberry mini cakes. We added some nectarines to the mix to make it just a bit healthier. Though I can't say the nectarines were actually eaten. 

They were licked and fed to me, but not one nectarine ended up in little Alison's stomach. Cake did, though. And in a very two-year-old fashion. 

But not only is the mini coffee cake the perfect size to be lifted straight to little mouths, it was also apparently the perfect size for digging right into. 

Disclaimer: All I told Alison to do was to eat the cake, she came up with the creative eating on her own.  
Maybe someday soon she will be able to lift this 8" Cranberry Walnut coffee cake right up to her face... We'll have to wait and see. 

We might not have to wait too long...

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