Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Coffee Cake Balls- Making Coffee Cake A Finger Food

by Maggie Kelleher

Ever wanted to try a few different sauces with your cake? How about fulfilling the kids' sugar cravings in a (relatively) mess-free way? Or are you just looking for a way to eat cake as a mini snack? Try this idea on for size!

What do you know about cake balls? We don't know much. We are in the coffee cake business, after all, and coffee cake balls are not a widespread concept... yet! But despite our lack of knowledge I decided to give it a try, and enlisted my ten year old cousin Conna to help. Say "Hi" to Conna!

Conna and I spent a few hours this weekend crafting some sauces and carving some cake balls to share with you, so here it is... My Grandma's Coffee Cake Balls! 

The cake that we used was Lemon Coconut. Yummmmm, right?! Lemon Coconut coffee cake is a special My Grandma's flavor that we sell exclusively through QVC.

Did you know that we sell quite a few cakes through QVC (you can even see our president, Bob Katz, there on TV sometimes!) and we have some flavors that we make specially for them. Check it out here!

Okay, yes. It was the Fourth of July, so we did add some sparklers (insert sheepish face here). That's what happens when it rolls around to 8 pm on a rainy Fourth of July, at least with my family. If you do decide to try the sparklers yourself, definitely do not try this inside. And I personally would not eat the cake afterwards, my family did, but I decided to avoid the sparks and put some pieces aside for myself.

That gorgeous blue plate belonged to my great grandmother. Isn't it to die for!
Thanks to my Nana Connie for letting us use it!

That's better. 

This was the vision Conna and I had for our cake, and honestly, even with a small 8" cake, you will have enough cake for two towers of cake balls. One for your sparkler-happy family members and one for yourself. 

We made a delicious lemon glaze for our cake balls, and topped it with some coconut to befit the flavor. Stay tuned for the recipe for our glaze and strawberry lemon sauce an upcoming blog post!

Now how did we do it?

We just took a melon baller and started carving out pieces! 

We tried freezing it a bit first to make sure it was solid. Honestly, that helped a little, but didn't seem to make a huge difference. Be prepared for some crumbling, but thankfully My Grandma's famously moist cakes make for the perfect consistency to just squish them back into shape. It also makes for a lot of crumbs, which were perfect for my family gatherings, when we often get a few crumb-stealing sneaks. 

Conna and I both had fun creating the coffee cake balls, as well as decorating and eating them. And the cake was so good that with twelve people and two other desserts on the table (homemade cupcakes and lemon bars, yummm) the entire 1.75 lb cake was gone by the next morning. I even heard that a 2 am snack finished it off. 

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