Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Stay Connected With Grandma- Introducing Bloglovin & All The Ways To Follow!

by Maggie Kelleher

Boy, do we have an update for you!

As you might already know, we have been working diligently to beef up our blog this summer, as a way to connect with, entertain, and help all of our fantastic friends and customers.

These changes include our new seasonal look and blog logo, as well as Pinterest widgets and a blog button on our side and bottom bar.

As a part of that overhaul, we took a look at the different ways our readers could follow Got Cake? and thought some new options might be useful and fun, so here you have it, the three best ways to follow our blog.

How to Follow My Grandma's Blog: Got Cake? 

1. The oldest and simplest way to follow Got Cake? is to subscribe via email. In the left-hand column you will find a box that you can plug your email address into, and through Google's Feedburner system a simple confirmation email will get you on your way to receiving an email every day we publish a new post! 

The Feedburner signup looks like this and is in the column on the left.

2. My Grandma's also tries to meet you on the social media platforms you love, so feel free to follow us on any of the sites in the icons on the left or below. We often also publish our newest blog posts on these platforms, so they are an effective way to get all My Grandma's and Got Cake? updates!


3. What's that plus sign on the left? Well that is our newest platform! It is called Bloglovin and it is amazing! 

Bloglovin is an app through which you can follow all of your favorite blogs (must have a minimum of three) in one simple feed. It allows for quick likes and commenting, sends email updates when new posts are published, and even has an app so you can follow on the go. What more could you ask for?

Got Cake? on Bloglovin

Want to know how you can sign up for Bloglovin and follow Got Cake? Keep reading for a step by step guide!

How to set up a Bloglovin Account: 
  1. First, click the plus icon above or right here. This will lead you to Got Cake? on Bloglovin.
  2. I like to sign up with email for privacy reasons, so I will explain how to do that, but feel free to sign up with Facebook if you prefer.
  3. Once you click the "Sign up with email button" you will be prompted to fill in your full name, email and a Bloglovin password. Fill those babies out. 
  4. Check your email and click "Confirm email" within the email Bloglovin has sent you.
  5. Click through the set up steps and choose (three to infinity) the number of blogs that you would like to follow. You will already be set following Got Cake? (because you entered through our page). If you don't know which blogs you want just try typing in a topic your like (food, anyone?). For lifestyle blogs we suggest "A Cup of Jo" and for food "The Kitchn."
  6. Once you follow three and click next you will be led to a list of blog categories, from which you can have your pick or just click next. 
  7. Connect to Facebook, install on your browser, and enter your phone number if you want, or just skip those steps (I did the phone number so I could get the app and I don't regret it!). 
  8. And there you have it! A simple interface where you can follow, like, and comment on your favorite blogs in one straightforward feed. Get reading! 

What do you prefer? Email, social media, or Bloglovin? Let us know your thoughts on that and on our new look in the comments below! 


  1. I follow you all five ways! :)I just voted on the QVC Customer Choice awards too~Good Luck!!

    1. Thanks, Dana! :) We love sharing cakes and content for you to love and your feedback and vote are so appreciated!