Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Let Them Eat Coffee Cake- Family Reunion or Golf Tournament? Cake Makes Them One!

by Maggie Kelleher

My Summer has been jam-packed with coffee cake, and this weekend was no exception, but this weekend's festivities were also packed with people, and why is that? It was our annual Kelleher Family Golf Tournament! This may be specific to my family, but we are hoping it might serve as some inspiration for your family to gather and share the things you love this Summer, and isn't My Grandma's about family, when it comes down to it?

"Papa Jack" John Kelleher enjoying his Coffee Cake
He's definitely a fan of ice cream, though I can't say I blame him.
Yes, my family hosts an annual golf tournament, but it is really more of a family reunion. I did hear a waitress refer to our party as "The John Kelleher Golf League" which was pretty funny, considering the fact that most of us only golf once a year, at this "tournament."

How do we make a golf tournament fun for all? Well with games, drinks, and coffee cake, of course!

Marina absolutely loved the cake!
Most of the group joins for the "afterparty," so no one feels too left out if they decide not to golf. I didn't and neither did these two!

I was pretty proud of myself for matching my shirt with the cake tin and strawberries. Too much?
I have always loved the My Grandma's Cake tins (they are just so pretty!) but I developed a new-found appreciation for them this weekend. 

Not only did these tins give me the ability to stack the cakes without crushing them, but they also made the perfect platters when I realized that I hadn't brought any to the venue. I know stacking is also possible in boxes, but two whole boxes wouldn't have fit in my bag and I didn't have any, anyway. The tins made the perfect My Grandma's platter, advertisement, and easy clean up! 

Family members, young and old enjoyed the two My Grandma's coffee cakes I brought, from the plain cinnamon no nut for the picky kids to our special Strawberry White Chocolate QVC flavor. 

The newest family member, Eve
I even prepared a quick and easy Strawberry Balsamic topping for the adults (and the kids with daring taste-buds) that served as the perfect fruity garnish and was a great way for the grown-ups to dress up the kid-friendly cinnamon cake! Stay tuned for the recipe! 

So get out there and spend some time with your family! All it takes is a few emails, a meeting place, some water guns, and a cake. At least that's how we do it! 

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