Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Say Goodbye To Our Golden Raspberry Coffee Cake- For Now...

by Maggie Kelleher

If you follow us on Facebook and Twitter, then you already know that there is a National Raspberry Cake Day! If not, maybe you should, if only to keep updated on similar semi-interesting and smile-worthy factoids. I'm just kidding, we only share things that we think are hilarious or noteworthy, so definitely follow us if that sounds like fun to you!

Look at that gorgeous golden raspberry!

Back on track, National Raspberry Cake Day. So it seems that there are two conflicting dates given to this holiday, but the one that Google accepts is Thursday, July 31st. Why is this so notable to us? Because, by complete coincidence, this Thursday (July 31st) was originally proclaimed the last day that My Grandma's Golden Raspberry Coffee Cakes will be available for order. We are flummoxed by this happy accident! Also happily, the availability of the Golden Raspberry Coffee Cakes has been extended until August 19th, but don't wait, get it now while you still can!

Now don't worry, these delicious cakes are not gone forever, just for this season. If you follow the Golden Raspberry crop availability (don't worry, we don't expect you to) then you know that golden raspberries are a special treat. Not only are they available for only a short time of the year, but they are also somewhat rare. Due to a small crop this Summer (weather can affect the productivity of even the best of us) we can only make a limited number of Golden Raspberry Coffee Cakes. That is why for the time being they will only be available until Tuesday, August 19th, but it also means I got to take home a Golden Raspberry Coffee Cake this weekend to test the deliciousness myself, and I am here to share that with you.

So here it is, my last Golden Raspberry Coffee Cake of the season. Does this make your mouth water? I'm still drooling just thinking about this amazing cake. Get your own here today, before it's gone! The Golden Raspberries sitting in the cake just make it all the more moist and delicious, making this cake the best that my family has tasted so far (getting a nod from my Dad is a tough one!) and we have eaten A LOT of coffee cake this Summer! Try it for yourself!

The pieces just happened to look so much like half of a heart that I decided to go for broke and make a whole one. I even gave it a honey outline and a cinnamon dusting for effect. Let me tell you, though, the honey and cinnamon are totally unnecessary. This cake tastes absolutely amazing all on its own, and I would actually suggest eating it plain, despite the charm of the honey-heart.

My Grandma's friend Jamie helped to devour this deliciously moist cake, and brought her friend Hannah along for a sweet treat. I think we may have converted Hannah into a My Grandma's lover, do you?

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