Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Delightful Delectables- Pumpkin Spice Is Ready For Summer

by Maggie Kelleher

Coffee cake. It conjures up images of a December morning snuggle by the fireplace with a steaming cup of coffee, doesn't it? That's all I thought coffee cake was good for too, until I was introduced to My Grandma's of New England. 

In my first week as the new Social Media Intern at My Grandma's I had a large 3 lb Pumpkin Spice coffee cake in my hands and no idea what to do with it. It was summer after all, how do I serve coffee cake in the summer? Luckily, my sister was graduating High School that weekend and we had family coming over, so I knew I had family to share it with. I started brainstorming. 

Now I had a dilemma, because although it is amazingly delicious to just plop a My Grandma's cake on the table and call it done (or sneak bits and crumbs from the box all day long) I wanted to prepare a dessert that I could brag about. I decided to put a bit of my own spin on the My Grandma's Pumpkin Spice coffee cake in my freezer. 

I've led you on long enough, you want to know what I did to the cake already! Well, to bring out the delectable flavors of the Pumpkin Spice I made cream cheese frosting. It was sooooo good! 

I froze the cake for the week to make sure that I couldn't sneak any before the party. I took the cake out of the freezer about 2 hours ahead of time to thaw it just enough to slice it in half around the circumference. Remember, My Grandma's coffee cakes can be stored beautifully in the freezer for up to a year, so you are safe to keep it in there until you need it. 

The frosting recipe I used was nice and simple. It took...
8 oz of cream cheese, room temperature (I'm impatient, so I just stuck it out in the sun for 5 minutes) 
3/4 cup of powdered sugar
1/2 teaspoon of vanilla, and 
1/2 cup cold heavy cream

With a mixer I just beat the cream cheese, sugar, and vanilla until smooth, beat the heavy cream in a separate bowl until it was forming stiff peaks, and then combined them in one bowl and mixed a few more seconds to combine. That simple! I smeared the frosting on top of the bottom cake layer, slapped the rest of the cake on top, and it was ready to eat right there. 

But I had a few hours and this post in mind, so I took the cake for a little walk and dress-up session before we had to leave for the graduation. I even made an animation of "A Day in the Life of a Runaway Cake." You may think I'm a little crazy, but I had fun! And if the cake could speak, she had a good time also.

Looks good! Right? Well how can I prove that it also tastes amazing? Oh wait! I got pictures of that, too! Okay, maybe a picture or gif doesn't prove it, but everyone loved it! My biological grandma is already ordering some My Grandma's cakes to mail to friends all the way in New York, thanks Nana! 

And here are both of my grandmothers, digging into the delectable My Grandma's Pumpkin Spice coffee cake.

Many of our amazing customers have put their own spin on our cakes. I have heard of everything from griddling a slice (a la french toast), to mixing cake pieces into ice cream to create a delicious new flavor. We would love your input, from suggestions to pictures to recipes! 

Share your ideas with us wherever you are, whether that's in the comments below, by email, or on Social Media, from Facebook, to Twitter, to Pinterest, to Google+. We are there and we would love for you to join us for some cake and fun! 

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