Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Delightful Delectables- Father's Day French Toast With A My Grandma's Twist

by Maggie Kelleher

Some might think that coffee cake is reserved only for mornings, coffee breaks, or bridge parties, and served plain (or slightly warmed) with the beverage of your choice.

I might disagree. I already know that My Grandma's coffee cakes are good anytime, day or night. But I can not disagree that a coffee cake breakfast is one of the best types of breakfast you can serve up.

In my household my Dad is usually the one to make breakfast, and he is the master-breakfast-chef, so this Father's Day, the rest of us wanted to make something to impress him. Let me tell you, that isn't an easy feat. So we tried a new twist on the classic french toast recipe with My Grandma's coffee cake as the base.

Impressive, right? Dad thought so.

We even fried up some of the crumbs as a little garnish!

We used My Grandma's original Cinnamon Walnut coffee cake and fried it up just as we always do when we make french toast. Here's what we did.

In a small bowl we mixed:
     1 egg
     A splash of milk
     A dash of vanilla extract
     A pinch of cinnamon

I know, I know, those are not real measurements, but we like to live on the edge! (And in my experience it is pretty hard to mess up french toast, it just depends on which flavors you want to be prominent.)

We soaked thin, but not too thin pieces of Cinnamon Walnut coffee cake in the mixture and plopped it on a buttery pan pre-heated to medium heat. Just thinking about the way it sizzled is making my stomach growl even now!

Keep in mind that coffee cake can get a bit crumbly (part of why we love it so much!) so moving the soaked slice from bowl to pan can be a bit tricky. I recommend using a small cake like I did so slices will be smaller and easy to handle, and don't be afraid of getting your hands dirty and just picking up the slice. Maybe have a dish towel on-hand. One you don't mind washing. If you're still having trouble, just cut thicker cake pieces.

Anyways, sizzle it up until one side is browned and then flip it over and do it again! I even like to hold it with some tongs afterward and roll the edges on the pan to brown them, too. Plop it on a plate and voila! 

Delicious, mouth-watering coffee cake french toast!

Just keep slicing and frying until you run out of egg mix or room in your stomach, whichever comes first, and if you need more just crack another egg and do it again!

Our Cinnamon Walnut coffee cake french toast was a Father's Day hit! Served with some berries and a watermelon smoothie, it made the perfect outdoor breakfast for a sunny Sunday morning.

The smoothie? I just threw some ice, watermelon, raspberries, and lime juice in the blender. It was very sweet, but it fit the bill to a tee.

You might also include coffee cake French toast as a spectacular 'breakfast for dinner' item, or add it to your upscale dessert menu. Served with powdered sugar or maple syrup, this will draw rave reviews, no matter the time of day or occasion it's served.

In the unlikely event you have some leftover coffee cake from your Father's Day (or any other event) why not fry it up into some delicious french toast and let us know what you think! Share your ideas with us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, LinkedIn, or by email!

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