Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Delightful Delectables- I Want S'More!

by Maggie Kelleher

As it's gotten warmer I've been craving warm summer bonfires and s'mores galore. But with all the April rain that's still falling outside my window a bonfire is not possible. So how can I get the amazing crunch of a fresh roasted marshmallow without leaving my kitchen? Read on to learn my amazing indoor s'mores trick!

And why not add some strawberry syrup to top it off? Inspired by this picture:

So how did I get that delicious s'mores flavor with my cake inside my very own kitchen? I used my oven's broiler!

I cut my marshmallows in half in order to keep them from falling over and spread the goodness. I then placed each marshmallow half on top of my Ted Williams Chocolate Coffee Cake with the cut side up (I found that this browned the marshmallow more evenly). I used four marshmallows (8 halves) on my 8" coffee cake and placed them about 1 inch apart. Place yours however you prefer.

I then turned my oven's broiler on low and let it heat up. I placed my coffee cake on aluminum foil for easy removal and put that on a cookie sheet. I placed the whole thing, marshmallows included, in the oven right underneath the broiler and let it sit for about 1 1/2 minutes. Since all ovens are different, I would suggest watching the whole process closely, as marshmallows can burn very quickly and you don't want to cook your already baked and moist cake. I believe in you!

Enjoy your s'more-tastic new dessert and stay tuned for the strawberry topping recipe!

And to share our cakes with you and your mother (Mother's Day is coming up!) We are hosting a Mother's Day Coffee Cake Giveaway! 

There are lots of ways to enter and extra points for sharing with us. We love to hear your stories!

Good Luck!

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