Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Autumn Adventures- Jack-O-Lanterns by the Cake

by Maggie Kelleher

Happy early Halloween!

Do you already have a costume picked out?

I was thinking of dressing up as a Cape Cod cranberry Coffee Cake.  That way I can wear all of my favorite Fall colors, say I hail from one of my favorite New England locations, and carry around a cake all night to show people how delicious I am. This is a picture of me in my costume with my new favorite scarf. What do you think?

Too much? Well anyways, I'll keep thinking. I would love to hear your suggestions if you have any!

This past Saturday, with Halloween coming up, I held a little bit of a competition, and the above Cape Cod Cranberry Coffee Cake helped make it all the sweeter!

 Pumpkin carving is a sport that everyone enjoys and why not make it both sweet and fun with candy and competition? It just goes to show you how versatile My Grandma's coffee cakes are, and how they can add extra fun to any event!

Our event was called "Jack-O-Lanterns by the Fence" to make sure that it was both Halloween-y and spooky. What do you think? 

The energy from the cranberry cake helped some of our contestants use their skills to do great things. Just check out some of the amazing designs they created! 

Because carving out a real person is no big deal to two art students.
Roommate love!

All together now!
 Did we give you any ideas for a Jack-O-Lantern of your own? We would love to see or hear about any of your Halloween Adventures! Feel free to comment or tag us on any of the social media sites below!

Enjoy the sweetness of the season!

Happy Halloween from My Grandma's of New England!

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