Sunday, October 12, 2014

Autumn Adventures- Halloween Scare Package

by Maggie Kelleher

Today I had a little free time and a small task to do.

The other day I found a product that I knew would be the perfect gift for my little sister. Just another one of my Fall Favorites!

A little about my sister.. my freshman year, I bought her ninja cookie cutters for her birthday, and she sent me a care package of home-made ninja-bread cookies. Well now it's her freshmen year, and I have found the perfect follow up gift... zombie cookie cutters! I just had to send them, and instead of just a box in a box, a full care package was in order!

Back to the point, today I had the task of sending my sister the Halloween fun I bought her, but I had a bit of free time, so I decided to decorate the box and give her a whole Halloween treat!

As I was looking for a box to put my care package in, I realized that everything fit perfectly into a My Grandma's large cake box that I had in my room (as the My Grandma's social media guru, I get a lot of cakes. This box supplied me with the cake that made these blogs). The My Grandma's box also afforded me a huge space to decorate that would definitely be visible, so it was the perfect fit!

All it took was three pages of orange paper, three of black, an X-acto knife, some Halloween cobwebs, and a marker to decorate this My Grandma's box to perfection. I was aiming for something about as scary as this pumpkin:

Okay, maybe a little scarier.

I then filled my Scare Package with:
  • Zombie cookie kit
  • Fuzzy Halloween socks
  • Color-your-own Halloween paddle balls
  • Slime
  • Ghost garland
  • Chocolate kisses
  • Balloons
  • Two My Grandma's mini coffee cakes (I decided to add these last minute because they perfectly fit the fun theme and made it that much sweeter.)

Look at that delicious Halloween goodness! Delectable Cinnamon Walnut and Pumpkin Spice cakes!

Hopefully by the time this is published and you are reading it, my sister will have gotten it and I won't have ruined the surprise, but who could resist posting about such a fun little present! Just look at that pumpkin!

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