Wednesday, September 10, 2014

My Grandma's Has Joined Instagram and We Are #GrandmaFabulous!

by Maggie Kelleher

My Grandma's of New England loves to share. We love to share coffee cake, gluten-free dessertsDIYs, and refrigerator-decorating moments! And lately we have started taking pictures of us indulging in our products with My Grandma's friends and family, and we want to share what Grandma means to us!

What does "Grandma" mean to you? Is it a grandmother who loves to cook? Your favorite funny older family member? The woman who hosts every one of your family get-togethers? Or your favorite coffee cake company?

We would love to know what "Grandma" means to you, and what better way to share that love than in pictures? Family pictures? Food pictures? Cake pictures? Grandma jokes? Awkward Grandparents? We love them all, and we want to see yours!

We love crazy pics like this! And check below to enter our Giveaway by Friday!

How can we share all of these awesome pictures with each other, you ask? Through Instagram, of course!

Instagram is an incredible social network with over 200 million monthly active users. Through the Instagram mobile app people share their lives, favorite foods, and memories in an instant. We felt like we were missing out on the fun, so here we are, releasing the My Grandma's Instagram account!

Do you have images of you and our cake or your family that you would like to share with us? 

Just use our new hashtag #GrandmaFabulous!

Delicious coffee cake? #grandmafabulous.

Family get-togethers? #grandmafabulous.

Have a fabulous Grandma? #grandmafabulous.

You get the picture! Whatever is #grandmafabulous to you is #grandmafabulous to us, and we would love to share those nostalgic memories with you! 

 Just tag us (@mygrandmasofne) or #grandmafabulous in any of your Instagrams to share it with us, or follow us so we can follow you back! 

And because you are all such amazing followers and customers, we are sponsoring another Giveaway!!!! 

We try to be on all the social media that you love, and we would love to share our memories with you! So to enter our giveaway we just ask that you tell us your product of choice and then gain more points toward winning by following us on any and all of these social media channels: FacebookTwitterPinterestInstagramGoogle+, and Bloglovin!

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