Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Gluten Free At Sea

by Maggie Kelleher

With Labor Day just passed, it really does feel like Summer has come to a close. I am back in school, and with the Summer heat finally starting to break, a memorable goodbye to the season somehow seems in order even though we have three weeks until the official end of Summer. We like to end our seasons with some My Grandma's treats and I'm sure you would, too! So we are giving away a free coffee cake or gluten free treat pack this month! Just scroll down to enter before September 12th!

Right before I left for school my parents and I took the time to hold one such goodbye, and we brought some My Grandma's gluten free snacks along for the ride (literally!) As I head into my senior year of college, this was somehow the perfect end to a great season, and helped me check one more thing off of my Summer Bucket List, "bring some My Grandma's out on our boat for a photo shoot."

We did finally get these sweet treats on the water, and here I want to share with you our gluten free taste test and some fun (but sometimes oh, so awkward) sea-faring cake pictures.

We started by staging the cakes (and wine, which we never even ended up opening). What do you think of my Dad's spotlight-aiming artistry?

That box up there is My Grandma's Gluten Free Sampler, and it had so many goodies inside of it! I spread out the snacks and went digging for the perfect treat as my parents got us out on the water (somebody has to drive the boat!)

I spent the rest of the trip running back and forth from our gluten free snack stash to the captain's wheel ripping open and tasting each treat. My Dad and I had lots of fun with it, and my Mom even got in on the action, though I could count the number of times I've seen her eat dessert this month on one hand (the percentage of My Grandma's products included in that hand is a bit ridiculous, but so tasty!)

My Dad provided some rave reviews about the brownie, which is pretty impressive, he is quite the picky eater, while I savored the coconut macaroons, one of my favorite desserts.

We tried for a few artsy pictures, and had to deal with the salty sea wind, but were able to capture one or two spotlight-enabled gems as we munched away at our delicious treats. What do you think? Are we good photographers? I would go with amateurs with a fancy camera, but at least we try and it gives us some stories to tell.

All in all we had a wonderful night with some fantastic treats and a few very happy and well-fed mosquitoes. We would love to hear about you how plan to finish out your Summer or something you already did that felt Summer-perfect, and maybe even some of your reviews of our gluten free products! I've settled on the macaroons as my favorite, what about you?

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