Tuesday, August 12, 2014

College Is Cake- The Ultimate College Care Package

by Maggie Kelleher

Do you have any friends or family heading off to school soon? Almost all of us know a little one who will soon be entering a classroom, but what about those getting ready to head to the hallowed halls of college?

As I and many others are heading back to school soon, I thought it might be a good time to look into how to stay connected with your college student and support them from afar.

We all know that care packages are a thoughtful and fun idea, but sometimes finding the time and creativity to make the perfect care package can be very difficult.

I made this care package for my sister's high school graduation.
Although loved, it was very expensive and time consuming for a one-time present. 

Thinking of those sometimes stressful needs, My Grandma's is launching a brand new program to hopefully add a little sugar and sunshine to you and your student's lives.. 

Introducing "Taste of Home!

We are now offering a set of college care cakes/treats (my name for it) to be delivered six times throughout the school year for either $145 or $195. This is such an amazing deal and can take the form of different cake flavors, sizes, or gluten free treats, click the link above to find out more! 

You might have guessed that we suggest sending a My Grandma’s coffee cake above other care package options (all it takes is an online order or a phone call and it can bring so much homey cheer) but there are so many care package options out there and our own ego might not be enough to convince you. And rightly so! You are an independent thinker and a discerning shopper! So here are my rational reasons (as a college freshman RA) for choosing My Grandma’s for your student’s care package needs.

1. Food to share can be much better than socks and toiletries.

When college students, especially freshmen, get care packages they often share their goodies. It helps establish friendships and share their home lives with the new people with whom they are building relationships. Not only do edible snacks go far in helping that cause, but cakes make the ultimate exciting snack to share. (Believe me, I have run enough freshman events to know that cake is the biggest draw).
Most ready-made care packages are filled with an array of pre-packaged snacks. When I get those I often think about how I already eat cheese puffs in the dining hall, I don’t need them in my room, as well. Cake, on the other hand, will leave me with my sweet tooth sated, friends satisfied, and no snacking regret, because who regrets eating cake? 

2. My Grandma’s coffee cakes are guaranteed fresh, moist, and delicious.
It is the rare college student whose grandmother makes delectable cookies that ship well, no matter how good the cookies are when they are straight out of the oven.
My freshman year my Dad and sister wanted to show off some cookies they made with some “ninja-bread” cookie cutters I had given to my sister. They put hours into making and decorating these adorable ninja warriors, but had to make the cookies extra hard so they would survive shipping. The result? Inedible, but very fun, cookies!
The awkward thing about those cookies? No one wanted to eat them, including me, so though they were fun and made a good conversation piece, the bonding wasn't all there.

3. My Grandma's are super easy to send!
Some people can make amazing care packages, others put hours into decorating cookies, but most people have long to-do lists and little time to spend piecing together the perfect gift, going to the post office, getting a box, packing and decorating the box, going back to the post office, and paying to send it off. 
That's a lot of work! And a lot of work that is unnecessary now with My Grandma's newest offering. We have introduced a brand new college care package product called "Taste of Home" that lets you send six carefully timed cakes (or gluten free snacks!) to your college student for less than $200!

Not only will we work with you to ensure that the timing of each package is just right for your student, but you can send a different flavor every time and each product is baked immediately before it is shipped out, for the freshest, most delicious cakes possible. What more could your student ask for? I'm about to hop on the phone and ask my mom for this deal right now!

Au revoir for now and good luck to your loved one(s) heading off to college!

Side note: In case you were worried, don't be! I will still be running this blog for My Grandma’s even as I head to school, though I do have to warn you that dorms don’t make the best backdrop for cake pictures, sorry!

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And it is time for another giveaway! 

Enter below through September 12th to win a free 8" coffee cake in your flavor of choice to share with your college student or try out yourself!
What better way to launch into Fall?

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