Wednesday, August 20, 2014

College Is Cake- How To Help Your College Student Thrive This Year

by Maggie Kelleher

As August is getting underway, we have been thinking of ways to stay connected with your friends/children/grandchildren/siblings who are off to college this year, because we think keeping that family connection is such an important factor in helping your college student thrive at school.

Many of us know that college can be a busy and sometimes difficult time. Believe me, I do! As a freshman RA (Resident Advisor) I have definitely encountered my fair share of homesickness and just plain stress, from freshman to seniors. 

We recently addressed the subject of creating care packages to support those students, that time-consuming, creativity-draining, but well appreciated art, but there are a few other thing that I (as a college freshman Resident Advisor) think are very important for friends and family to practice. Of course these are different for different people, but please do leave comments with any additions! Community suggestions are always welcome! 

So, what can you do to help your friend/child/grandchild/sibling thrive in college? These are my tips!

1. Keep in touch. 
Of course don’t go overboard (college is busy and nagging can get very stressful) but don’t forget to remind your student that you haven’t forgotten them, even if they are thousands of miles away.

2. Show interest in their lives and stories. 
It is all too easy to completely zone out when someone is talking to you about lots of people you have never met and maybe won’t ever meet. I’m not saying to learn every random person’s name, but expressing interest goes a long way in reminding your student that they still have connections back home.

3. Send them a taste of home. 
Obviously we favor sending things like a My Grandma’s coffee cake care package, but even the littlest thing makes a difference. From utensils to laundry detergent to posters to socks, lots of college students live like, well, college students, and even what seems like a necessity to you could seem like a luxury to them.

            Now why do we suggest our cakes as the perfect college student treat? Well other than plain braggadocio, we have a few reasons that our coffee cake "Taste of Home" care packages are the best treat for your student, but we already touched on that and you might have some calls to make! When you're ready head over here to learn more about our great new Taste of Home program and how it can often be the best care package option!

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