Thursday, July 9, 2015

No More PHOs?

By: Amy Weinberg

After hearing the news about trans fats being off the shelves within the next 3 years, some of you may have understandable questions relating to your favorite products. Do my favorite foods contain trans fats? Are trans fats that bad? But first of all, what are PHOs? 

If you asked me this a week ago, I would have told you with the utmost confidence that it is a delicious Vietnamese noodle soup. Apparently it has a second meaning! 

As defined my the FDA, PHOs are the liquid fats and oils that have been hydrogenated, but not to near completion, and with an iodine value greater than 4. PHOs are the major dietary source of trans fat in processed foods. In a step to remove artificial trans fat from the food supply, The FDA has recently deemed PHOs UNFIT for human consumption and specifies compliance no later than June 18, 2018. 

In short, NO PHOs = NO TRANS FATS.

An announcement such as this can have quite the impact on your favorite dessert and snack recipes. We, here at My Grandma's of New England, wanted to assure you that our products have been PHO-free since the revision of our recipe in 2004. This is the same revision that made our products trans fat-free. My Grandma's is proud to be ahead of the curve on this issue. Because our cakes are already PHO-free, there will be no additional recipe revisions needed in order to be compliant with this new regulation.

We are happy to say that we will continue to use the same great-tasting, trans fat-free recipe we have been using for the past 11 years, and we can assure you that our quality will remain second to none; just as it is now. 

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