Monday, October 5, 2015

Delightful Delectables - Sautéed Banana Grilled Coffee Cake!

By: Amy Weinberg

My goal every time I come up with a recipe for this blog is to create something that will enhance the already delicious coffee cake from My Grandma's of New England. Sometimes I succeed, and sometimes I fail. Sometimes I give up and just make little sugar figures to display next to the cake. This was not one of those times.

For the most part, the dessert ideas here are very simple and very delicious (with the exception of the Kahlua Soaked Coffee Cake Sundae, which was both very delicious and very complicated). I am not a baker. I am just a kid with a sweet tooth and an education (still up for debate), so anything I can bake, you can probably bake better!

Sometimes I make something that has out-of-this-world flavor just to look at the clock and see that it is already 9:00 pm. Sometimes I whip something up quick and easy but it doesn't do much for the coffee cake. Sometimes I stumble upon the winning combination of both ease and flavor. 
This is that dessert.

I suggested this dessert idea to our wholesale customers and because of such a great response, I bring you the Sautéed Banana Grilled Coffee Cake. 

I already had a Banana Walnut coffee cake from My Grandma's but I would suggest going with the Original Cinnamon Walnut just to balance out the banana flavor a little bit. Once you have your coffee cake, the only other ingredients you need are bananas, sugars, butter, and some spices. The first thing I did was melt about 2 tablespoons of butter in a saucepan while tossing slices of the bananas in the sugars and spices. Once the butter was all melted, I dropped in the bananas and remaining spices and brought the heat down to a medium-low simmer. A perfect way to step this dessert up even more is to sauté the coffee cake. 

After about 10 minutes for the bananas and another 5 for the cake, you are pretty much done! I placed the coffee cake in a bowl with the bananas on top and gave it to my Mom. The only thing it was missing was a little bit of whipped cream.

So whether you are cooking for a date, or a party, or just because it's Monday and you're alive, this banana-fest is the PERFECT 15 minute dessert. Remember the whipped cream and GET CREATIVE. This dessert is delicious but there is so much room for you to make it your own!

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