Monday, September 21, 2015

Delightful Delectables - Fall Fondant Fun!

By: Amy Weinberg

Wednesday is the first day of Fall and there are mixed feelings flowing through the air. On one hand, Fall is awesome. The foliage is beautiful, the pies are delicious, and the beers have pumpkin in them. On the other hand: impending doom. Is there anything better than the autumn atmosphere?

Only acceptable answer: The atmosphere of never again having to experience this past winter.

You would be hard pressed to find a native New Englander who doesn’t love Autumn, but I think we still have some snow melting so it’s hard to get excited. BUT instead of focusing on the implementation of snow tunnel routes for transportation, let’s instead bask in all the glory that is Autumn. Apples, spices, pumpkins, squash, football, playoff baseball, corn mazes, Halloween, haunted houses, Thanksgiving, AND (my personal favorite) my 23rd birthday.
Autumn is everything it needs to be before the pale, frostbitten, ice-hell that is Winter.
Spencer-Peirce-Little Farm (Newbury, MA). Photo by Bethany Groff

I mentioned football because if there is one thing that the Northeast lacks, it is not football teams. The defending champion New England Patriots no doubt being the favorite here at My Grandma's. I, on the other hand, am the black sheep New Yorker who is a Giants and * gasp * Yankees fan. Needless to say, Autumn is fun around the office.

In the spirit of Autumn and football and My Grandma’s, I decided to kick off Week 1 with some cake pops shaped like NFL helmets. Now, you could say “Hey Amy, it’s already week 3…”, and you would be correct. I ran into some technical difficulties. Taste-wise? Superb. I simply rolled a mixture of Cinnamon No-Nut coffee cake and some buttercream icing into little balls. How could it taste anything less than amazing?

I would also like it to be known that this is not my first time making cake pops. They are tiny and they are delicious but they are not that easy to make. The problem I keep running into is that the lollipop sticks wont stick to the cake pop, making it really hard to dip into the melted chocolate. 

After hours of feverishly slaving in the kitchen, I came out with 4 cake pops with pipe-cleaner helmets that made them look like ducks.
But, like I said, they tasted great so that’s all that mattered.

I’m sure everyone knows the outcomes to both of these games by now. The Patriots unsurprisingly won by a touchdown and the Giants unsurprisingly did something stupid and lost the game.  

But because the cake pops didn't come out the way I would have hoped, the picture-lighting wasn’t great, and my team is the Giants, I held off on posting that blog. That left me with 10 lbs of fondant and no blog, so I decided to make a few more fall fondant figures. My ego took a hit with the cake pop football helmets but I think I redeemed myself with the witch’s hat and pumpkin.

I’m going to spend Fall 2015 eating coffee cake and choosing a new football team to root for. How are you going to spend it?

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