Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Happy Labor Day!

By: Amy Weinberg (9/7/15)

Break out the barbecues and the white shorts one last time this summer because today is Labor Day! 

How are you going to celebrate all of the achievements of the American Workforce? My mother is celebrating this morning by doing yard work while I sit in this nice air-conditioned house listening to music and brainstorming dessert shooter ideas. The only laboring I will be doing today is moving my fork from my plate to my mouth.

If you’re not wearing Red White & Blue, you’re not doing Labor Day right. I think today is the perfect day to rock my American flag shorts (they’re mostly white so today is their last hurrah anyways). Whether it’s on your shorts or on your plate, today is a day to represent America.

And what better way to represent?

Now, it wouldn't be a holiday or a barbecue or America with out My Grandma's. I didn't want to labor myself too much today (always up for a good pun though), so I kept this dessert extremely simple. I was going to make an icing for this cake but I’ve been making a lot of icings and glazes lately. Plus, our cakes are too good to be hidden under a delicious layer of sugar every single time.

(Maybe every other time?)

I broke out Nana's nice China, slapped down an Original Cinnamon Walnut Coffee Cake, and called it a day. 

Just kidding, that's too easy. To go with the coffee cake, I quickly whipped up some red white & blue shooters. All you need is a blue fruit (blueberries), a red fruit (I chose raspberries), and some freshly whipped cream. These shooters are quick, easy, and most importantly, CUTE. 

Whoever came up with the idea of putting desserts into shot glasses deserves a medal of some sort.
Maybe even his/her own holiday.
I mean come on, Chewing Gum has its own day (September 30th). 


Anyways, dessert shooters, along with everyone involved in the American Labor Movement, will be honored today in the Weinberg household. How did you celebrate your end-of-sumer day off? 

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