Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Charming Crafts- Make Dessert More YUM

by Maggie Kelleher

Sometimes you just need a pretty dessert. I completely understand that sometimes the tastiest desserts look like a hot mess, but there are some days when a cute presentation just makes that sweet taste so much sweeter. And who doesn't love an Instagram opportunity?

So here is a quick and easy way to make almost any dessert (My Grandma's cakes work particularly well) look like an Instagram star. Use it to impress your friends or just to sweeten the pot of your dessert experience. 

All there is to it is some card-stock paper, a phrase you like, an x-acto knife, and some powdered sugar. I love the cuteness of the words "YUM YUM" circling my 8" My Grandma's Cappucino Coffee Cake. 

I used the x-acto knife to easily cut clean lines and letters without the stress of cutting stencils with scissors, because essentially this project is just creating a stencil for your dessert, and you can use it again and again and again! 

Just place your stencil on top of your dessert (maybe not on a pudding or other sticky dessert, as that may make it less re-usable) and sprinkle powdered sugar on top. Carefully remove the stencil without spreading the powdered sugar past the letters' edges, and voila! 

You can even create a subtle look or confuse your friends by making them think they're seeing things by taking most of the powdered sugar off with a damp paper towel. This will melt the sugar a little, and create a gorgeous faded effect. You can also mix and match the two styles and create some awesome typography!

There's so much you can do with this stencil! 

 And everyone can get in on the fun! 

Just think how perfect this could be for Father's Day! No need for frosting and you can perfect your lettering before you introduce it to your cake. Good luck and Happy June!

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