Monday, December 15, 2014

Charming Crafts- DIY Easy-Peasy Holiday Wrapping

By Maggie Kelleher

The Holidays have arrived! With Hanukkah starting on December 16th and Christmas on the 25th, it's the gifting time of year! But who doesn't have some trouble getting the perfect presents for everyone on your list? It's hard! We know.

Thankfully, not only do I have some handy tips about how to wrap your finds into masterpieces (even with last minute household odds and ends) but I also have a suggestion for some of the easiest and sweetest little presents that your entire list will love AND a Giveaway for the chance to win the perfect gift for Christmas delivery! Just head to the bottom of the post to enter by Midnight EST December 15th. TONIGHT!

These delicious mini coffee cakes come in sets of nine. Last week's holiday special came with Cinnamon Walnut, Lemon Poppy, and Pineapple Coconut (my absolute favorite!) coffee cakes, and I got a chance to wrap them into delicious little packages of goodness, but not before three had already been eaten (we don't have the best self-control), so I decided to wrap the remaining six each in its own wrapping design. The timing was perfect, as not only do these little cakes make the perfect holiday gifts, but they gave me the perfect excuse to cheer up some friends nervous about final exams. Perfect little packages of joy!

So how did I wrap these little morsels (and how can you wrap your holiday gifts? Here are my six suggestions: 


Bubblegum "Yum Yum" Tissue Paper

I had this transparent white tissue paper sitting around and with a few colored sharpies I added some fun in the form of polka dots. I created a quick stencil out of some thick paper with little circles cut out and just filled in those circles with different-colored sharpies. I topped it off with a little bit of ribbon and some colorful paper.  wrote out the words "Yum Yum" and used an x-acto knife to cut out the words and glue them on. If that's daunting for you, a simple paper tag could easily be used instead to add a nice note.


Christmas Tree Geometry:

This simple and adorable wrapping was made from masking tape and a grocery bag. It's easier than pie! (You might even say it's coffee cake easy.) All I had to do for this was to cut out part of a grocery bag until it was flat and wrap the gift as I would with regular wrapping paper. I then just overlapped a few pieces of masking tape into a small sheet of tape and cut that into a triangle and two trapezoids. Finally I added a last bit of tape for a trunk, and voila! 


Green and Glitter:

For this one I made a Christmas tree stencil (pictured below) and used it with some Mod Podge, to beautify some old white packing paper (from the last time I bought dishes that needed some extra padding). I just took the stencil, painted the Mod Podge over it so it would be tree-shaped, sprinkled glitter on top and then shook the excess glitter off to be used again.
Mod Podge is wonderful for this, because not only does it serve as perfect glue that can hold the glitter once painted into shape, but once that layer dries an extra coat on top of the glitter can mean the difference between clean and beautiful packaging and glitter everywhere. There are some great inexpensive suggestions for cheaper Mod Podge substitutes all over the internet, if you're looking for something you already have maybe try out this one.


Classic Snowflakes:

This might not always be something you have sitting around, but a friend of mine was working on some gift bags and offered me one of them for my cakes. I think it's adorable, so I jumped on the chance. I added a cut out glitter tree (from above) to one side for some sparkle, and to the other I added a similar tree that I drew myself and stamped "Happy Holidays" onto for an added message. Any fun and festive note would work perfectly here.


I Love Bows

In looking for stuff I had around the house for this post I found this adorable "I love you" paper. I used it as I would any wrapping paper (It was thicker, which proved a bit difficult) and I added this cute little ribbon just to make it sweeter. Who wouldn't want a cake wrapped in this little beauty?

Santa Baby

This little treat was all my friend Katharine's idea and creation. You can just see how awesome she is! This was again made of a grocery bag, along with some card-stock and sharpies. Katharine drew and cut out the beard, mustache, eyes, and hat out of the card-stock herself, and then colored in the hat and eyes and glued it all down for good measure. The beard is perfect for a holiday note, and the whole gift is perfect for kids at Christmas.


 Happy gifting! 


Speaking of gifting, don't forget to enter our December Giveaway by TONIGHT at midnight (EST) to send a gorgeous 8" My Grandma's coffee cake in your favorite flavor to your favorite person. It even comes with an adorable Christmas Family tin! Or win it for your own holiday table. Joining in our #GrandmaIs campaign is 5 whole entries!

I wish you luck and happy holidays! 

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