Monday, January 26, 2015

Snow Day Procrasti-baking

by Maggie Kelleher

So you might have heard that we're expecting a blizzard and My Grandma's offices are going to be closed this Tuesday (January 27th)! We apologize in advance on behalf of the snow for any late cake deliveries this week. We promise we're trying our best to make sure that doesn't happen!

Well in case you're in the Boston area, we wanted to commiserate (or celebrate, depending on your view of snow-days) and share some ideas on what to do with your possible day off instead of your backlogged work.

You can go out and play in the snow, but that's cold and we don't have fur like this little guy.

You can watch snowflakes form, but that gets boring after about 30 minutes and you have a whole day!

Or you can bake some goodies like we do every day to warm you up and share with friends.

 No need to make as many goodies as us, just enough for you and your friends to share around the fire or kitchen table.

 Maybe some simple cookies.

Or something with lots of chocolate. 

We like to add lots of cinnamon sugar and walnuts!

Make sure you know what you're doing!

Note: *This is not how to "fold" eggs into your batter.
Get some help from your friends. 

 And most importantly enjoy your creations! 

Have a happy snow day! 

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