Monday, April 8, 2013

My Grandma’s has been crashing a few weddings!

by Maggie Moore

My Grandma’s of New England sells coffee cakes, as you know. People love them! Some people love our coffee cakes so much they choose to include them in their wedding, just like a beloved pet… or something like that.

I’m getting hitched this month and bringing a couple coffee cakes to my parent’s house for a post-wedding breakfast. I’m thinking Banana Walnut and Blueberry – some of my favorite coffee cake flavors from My Grandma’s that are perfect for breakfast. I know they will be devoured.

One of our executives even sent his wedding guests home with our adorable, individually wrapped mini coffee cakes. They made super awesome wedding favors.

And most notably, one of our wonderful, loyal customers asked us to custom bake some cake layers to be decorated and served as THE wedding cake! They looked beautiful and I bet their guests appreciated the surprise when they jumped into some Cinnamon Walnut coffee cake instead of red velvet boringness – though I do love red velvet cake and have it as one of my cake layers…

Who knew My Grandma’s Coffee Cakes of New England was destined for nuptial greatness?

What slightly out-of-the-ordinary things have you included or observed in a wedding?

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  1. Our Ted Williams All Star Chocolate Coffee Cake I would love to try this yum !!!